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About You

  • You want to see Israel the Holy Land and Israel the most beautiful country in the world!

  • You want to see where the stories in the Bible took place, but you also want to learn about the plants, animals, archeology and more.

  • You want to see the sun rise over the Kinneret and set over the Mediterranean.

  • You want to walk in the footsteps of Abraham, Joshua, Samson, David, Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiva.

  • You want to ride a camel in the Judean Desert in the morning, go rafting on the Jordan River in the afternoon and taste wine in the Golan Heights in the evening.

  • You want to have someone knowledgeable plan every detail of your tour,  but you want to be flexible enough to really enjoy your tour and not feel locked to a schedule.

About Me

  • Torah Based Tours

    I am an Orthodox Jew and bring the Torah perspective to all of my tours. Whether you are Jewish or not, if you would like to see the Land of Israel based on the Bible, I am the guide for you.

  • Kid friendly

    Whether you’re 9 days old or 99 years old everyone in your group will have an awesome time. I have kids of my own and guide many families with kids on fun tours of Israel.

  • Knowledgeable

    In addition to the Tanach and Jewish History, I integrate the flora, fauna, archeology, architecture and topography into my tours.

  • Fun

    Besides visiting historical and holy sites I love to take people camel riding, wine tasting, rafting, hiking, chocolate making, fruit picking and more!

  • Licensed by the Ministry of Tourism

    Licensed guides go through a 2.5 year process to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the history of Israel as well as its  geography, architecture, religions, flora, fauna and more. I’m proudly licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

What People are Saying

Sori Levitansky

Tour Guide Aaron was great. WE wished we booked him for more days than we did. He took us to the “inside” of Israel and the “inside” of the Tanach. Clearly depicted stories from the prophets and showed us many interesting things. Highly recommend!!!… Read More

Sori LevitanskyS. Monica, CA
Benjamin Husmann

For us as non-Jews with a great love for the Tanach, Aaron turned out to be a perfect match! Aaron’s knowledge of the Tanach and the land of Israel is impressive and his ability to explain things is wonderful… Read More

Benjamin HusmannThe Netherlands
Cedric and Lauren Minkin

In November of 2011 we were given an exhilarating tour of the Old City of Jerusalem guided by Rabbi Aaron Shaffier. Aaron combines his knowledge of the biblical, cultural, archeological, and political history to provide… Read More

Cedric and Lauren MinkinOxnard, CA
Yoseph and Leah Urso

We were extremely pleased with the entertaining and inspiring tour that Aaron gave us of the City of David. His expansive knowledge of Tanach, Judaism and current events made history come alive for us and our relatives visiting from America… Read More

Yoseph and Leah UrsoModiin, Israel
Yisroel Selwyn and family

Thank you for spending the day with us and showing us the secrets of the Shomron. We loved the way you kept on pulling out your Tanach and quoting the verses that described the path of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs that we were actually… Read More

Yisroel Selwyn and familyBrooklyn, NY
Janis and Morris Huberman

Aaron is knowledgeable of every historic location of Israel – you get the flavor along with our Jewish history.  We have been back every year since, and each time Aaron takes us somewhere new to explore and to learn.  He can make it a… Read More

Janis and Morris HubermanCalifornia
Aliza Hochstead

To interest an 11 and 14 year old from America and make the sites/sights come alive is not an easy task. Aaron Shaffier did an amazing job of it. Thanks much for making my grandson’s trip so memorable… Read More

Aliza HochsteadEfrat, Israel
Sheldon Lisbon

The two days that we toured the area where the Sanhedrin sat and where our ancestors compiled the Mishna and Talmud was a most exciting and rewarding experience for me…. Read More


Sheldon LisbonFlorida

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“Jacob awoke from his sleep and said: Surely God is in this place and I did not know” (Genesis 28:16). Jacob had been a man of the tents, a student of Torah, and descendant of the greats Abraham and Isaac. Surely he had been taught that G-d is everything and no place is devoid of Him.

It is one thing to study a concept in a book. However, It is another thing to integrate the concept in our hearts. Oftentimes we must travel the world over before having a profound moment where the concept truly hits us. We see what had been spoken about all along but we just came to truly understand.

G-d is One in all four directions, above, and below. Hence, Jacob names the place of this realization “Home of El (G-d).” El is 31 in numerology. When we recall how G-d/El is one in all six directions (31x6) we come to His “place” (186). That place being Jerusalem where the stones remind us at every turn that there is something deeper lurking behind the material world we see - a profound Oneness.
Shalom from Jerusalem!
Chodesh Tov - Happy Hebrew month of Kislev!
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Four Israel Periscopers in one photo!
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Shavua Tov!
Thanks @harleygirlsf for catching this shot of me outside if David's Tomb from our tour on Sunday!
Armenian Pottery workshop in the Old City of Jerusalem
Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come.
For thy servants take pleasure in her stones, and favor the dust thereof.
- Tehillim 102
Jerusalem this morning.
I'm privileged to guide tours in Jerusalem regularly, but it never gets old. For thousands of years my ancestors only dreamed of stepping within these gates and now I am here!
Hand made Armenian pottery today in Jerusalem.
This secret cable car across the Ben Hinnom valley was used during the War of Independence to supply a pocket of fighters on the other side. The cable was kept low so the Jordanians wouldn't discover it. On in the middle of the night was it tightened to send in supplies and to send the wounded out.
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Overlooking the Temple Mount with my beautiful wife
Good morning Jerusalem!
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Hi, I’m Aaron Shaffier. Let me be your tour guide in Israel.

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