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Israel Picture of the Day – Acacia Tree

Right now, the weather here in Jerusalem is cold and wet. There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow! A day like this makes me want to go on a tour down to the Dead Sea only half an hour away where it is warm and sunny.

Acacia Tree Dead Sea Tour

A lone acacia tree in the desert near Ein Gedi.

The acacia tree lives in the deserts of Africa and the Middle East. It can survive in very harsh conditions with only a tiny amount of water every year. You may remember the acacia tree from last weeks Parsha. Many parts of the Mishkan were made of acacia!

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  1. leiahjaffe
    leiahjaffe says:

    I had the same thought to go to the Dead Sea today, but after checking the weather decided not to. It was cold and rainy there as well ! (See my post on the rain by the Dead Sea from last week.)


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