Nachal Zippori

A Beautiful Day Tour in the Galilee

Sometimes tour guides need to go on a tour too!

Yesterday I headed out with my friends and fellow tour guides Meir Eisenman and Daniel Selig to explore some less-visited sites in the Galilee. Among the sites we toured were:

Tel Usha – Site of the Sanhedrin after the Bar Kochba Revolts

The Ancient Synagogue of Shfaram – An old synagogue which sits in the center of the modern Arab town of Shfaram. According to local tradition, it sits on the site where the Sanhedrin was while it was in Shfaram.

Tomb of Yehuda ben Baba – On of the “Asara Harugei Malchut” who’s brutal executions we read about in the Musaf prayer of Yom Kippur.

Nachal Tzippori – A beautiful and easy hike along a stream among orchards and vineyards.


Here are a bunch of pictures from the day for you to enjoy!

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