Parah Adumah Walking Tour

Secrets of the Parah Adumah Walking Tour

The Parah Adumah or "Red Heifer" has been in the news a lot lately…
Aerial view of Khirbet Qeiyafa

A Tour of Khirbet Qeiyafa - "Shaaraim"

Khirbet Qeiyafa - An important Biblical site which is rarely…
Painted Tefillin

A Tour of the Tefillin Factory in Meah Shearim

A visit to the Tefillin factory in Meah Shearim is a really great…
Sukkot Tour

Join me for a very special group tour this Sukkot

If you will be in Israel during Sukkot, I invite you to join…
Beit Shearim Tour

A Tour of the Sanhedrin Sites in the Galilee

The Talmud describes how the Sanhedrin was exiled ten times starting…

A visit to the De Karina chocolate factory in the Golan Heights

De Karina contact info and coupon at the end of this post Looking…

A swim at Nachal Prat

Yesterday we took our kids on a tour in the Shomron. We wanted…

3 Day tour of Biblical sites in Israel

Yesterday I finished up a really fun 3 day tour of Biblical sites…

Herod Exhibition extended till January 2014

Recently the Israel Museum opened an extraordinary exhibition…