Yom Kippur Message

My Yom Kippur message got picked up by Cash Peters

On Erev Yom Kippur before the holiday begins it's customary for…
Beit Shean Figurine

Look what this 7 year old found while hiking in Israel!

Ori Greenhut, a 7 year old boy from Israel found something amazing…
Sukkot Tour

Join me for a very special group tour this Sukkot

If you will be in Israel during Sukkot, I invite you to join…

Herod Exhibition extended till January 2014

Recently the Israel Museum opened an extraordinary exhibition…
Devorah Leah in the snow

Snow in Jerusalem?

I spent most of the day in Jerusalem today and despite the forecasts…
Playing Harp Jerusalem

A walk in the Old City

In addition to being a tour guide, I am also a Sofer Stam (Torah…
israel rocket map

Should I cancel my trip to Israel?

Click here for and update from Sunday November 18th I am getting…
Jerusalem cistern

Gigantic First Temple cistern discovered in Jerusalem

Tonight I will be attending the annual City of David Archaeological…
Rock Hyraxes

Our little Hyraxes are famous!

Last Rosh Chodesh I wroteabout some of the animals which…