Can you also drive us?

I work with several professional drivers with a range of vehicles from a sedan up to a 60 seater bus. I will be happy to get you a quote for your tour that includes the cost of the vehicle, gas, driver etc.

Having a separate driver allows me to give full attention to explaining what you are seeing, and dealing with logistics while the driver can give his full attention to the conditions of the road. This costs a bit more but provides you with a safer and more enjoyable experience than if you take a tour guide who also drives.

Another option is for you to drive your rented vehicle while I guide.

Unfortunately the law is Israel doesn’t permit a tour guide to drive a rented vehicle with tourist unless he is also licensed as a taxi driver.

Do you do Christian tours?

I do not do ‘Christian tours’ but I have had many non-Jewish clients of different religions take me as their guide because they want an authentic Biblical perspective on the Holy Land. I am happy to guide groups of any religion, but I do not guide in Churches or other Christian holy sites.

What does it mean that you are “Licensed by the Ministry of Tourism”?

Tourism is a big part of the economy of the State of Israel. This is why the government has a Ministry of Tourism. Israel sees its tour guides as internal ambassadors to the world. Because of this, they require all tour guides to go through and extensive, two year licensing process. To become a tour guide you must be proficient in about 700 sites and the entire history of the country from prehistoric times to the present. You also must study the flora, fauna, architecture, politics, geology, minorities and religions of the country. When you hire a tour guide, make sure you are getting a licensed guide. It’s not only the law, but you will also get a better quality guide.

Do you have group tours that we can join?

I am a private tour guide. This means that you pay me by the day to guide your group. I charge the same amount if you are 1 or 60 people. Unfortunately, there simply aren’t enough people who want the same tours on the same days for me to arrange group tours. The exception to this is during Chol Hamoed and Hanukkah when I will often put together a few group tours.