All of Jerusalem is holy to the Jewish People, yet many Jewish visitors to Jerusalem never venture beyond the Jewish Quarter. This tour gives you a glimpse into all four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem, with emphasis on the sites that play a part in Jewish History.

What you’ll see:

The Northern Ramparts Walk

Walking atop the ancient walls of the Old City, we’ll have a bird’s eye view of much of the Christian and Moslem Quarters. I’ll point out all of the major landmarks of the Old City.

The Arab Shuk

We’ll descend the Rampart’s Walk at the Damascus Gate and walk through the Shuk (Market) of the Arab Quarter, taking in the unique sights, and smells.

View of the Temple Mount

Halacha prohibits Jews from ascending the Temple Mount until the coming of Moshiach. But the next best thing is the spectacular view of the Temple Mt. from the al Omriya School on the Via Dolorosa in the Moslem Quarter.

Kotel HaKatan

Hidden away in the Moslem Quarter is a section of the Kotel that is rarely visited by tourists called the Kotel HaKatan (Small Kotel). Although it’s not as impressive as the better known part of the Kotel, it is actually much closer to the site of the Kodesh HaKodashim!

Ohel Yitzchak Historic Synagogue

Everybody visits the famous Synagogues of Jerusalem such as the Churva, Ramban or Tiferet Yisrael Synagogues. But there is an equally impressive historic Synagogue in the Moslem Quarter called Ohel Yitzchak. We’ll visit and learn the story of this important site.

The Jewish Quarter

At this point we’ll enter the Jewish Quarter for a short tour of the most important sites. If this is a full day tour, we can do an in depth tour of the Jewish Quarter as well.


4 hours

What to bring:

Water Bottle
Money for entrance fees

Please Note:

This tour is entirely on foot. Some parts such as the Ramparts Walk include a lot of steps. Please wear good shoes and bring water.

Other options that can be incorporated into this tour:

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