If you are a Frum family looking for a Jewish tour of Israel based on the Torah and Jewish mesorah, I am the guide for your! I specialize in Israel tours for Frum families.


Beit Shearim Tour

A Tour of the Sanhedrin Sites in the Galilee

The Talmud describes how the Sanhedrin was exiled ten times starting…
Yosef Yitzchock aka Fitche at Tel Beit Shemesh

Pesach Family Tour

On the second day of Chol HaMoed Pesach, I led a tour for a few…
Tour of Israel - Beit El

A tour in the Shomron

Recently I had the pleasure of guiding the Selwyn family from…
Hurvat Midras Cave

A tour in the footsteps of Jewish heroes

Last week a grandmother from Israel called me with a challenge.…