Although the Golan Heights was only captured by Israel in 1967, it has a rich Jewish history going back thousands of years. Let me show you the secrets that the Golan has to offer!



A Tour of the Golan Heights with Machon Shoshanah Seminary

Yesterday I took the girls of Machon Shoshanah on their first…
Beit Shearim Tour

A Tour of the Sanhedrin Sites in the Galilee

The Talmud describes how the Sanhedrin was exiled ten times starting…

A visit to the De Karina chocolate factory in the Golan Heights

De Karina contact info and coupon at the end of this post Looking…
Banias Falls

A quick tour to the Golan Heights

I recently guided two families from Boston on a whirlwind tour…
Manara Cliffs

Manara Cliffs - Israel Picture of the Day

A picture I took from the Manara Cliff. Manara is in the Tribe…