Israel is the Holy Land and the world’s only Jewish country. This is why I believe it is important to present it from a Jewish perspective!


Yom Kippur Message

My Yom Kippur message got picked up by Cash Peters

On Erev Yom Kippur before the holiday begins it's customary for…
Beit Shean Figurine

Look what this 7 year old found while hiking in Israel!

Ori Greenhut, a 7 year old boy from Israel found something amazing…

A Tour of the Golan Heights with Machon Shoshanah Seminary

Yesterday I took the girls of Machon Shoshanah on their first…

A visit to the De Karina chocolate factory in the Golan Heights

De Karina contact info and coupon at the end of this post Looking…

A swim at Nachal Prat

Yesterday we took our kids on a tour in the Shomron. We wanted…

3 Day tour of Biblical sites in Israel

Yesterday I finished up a really fun 3 day tour of Biblical sites…
israel rocket map

Should I cancel my trip to Israel?

Click here for and update from Sunday November 18th I am getting…
Nachal Zippori

A Beautiful Day Tour in the Galilee

Sometimes tour guides need to go on a tour too! Yesterday I…
Israel Travel Tips

Tips for your Israel trip

Ever wonder if you need to tip a cab in Israel? How about if…