A swim at Nachal Prat

Yesterday we took our kids on a tour in the Shomron. We wanted them too see some of the sites that they learn about in Tanach class in their school. But on the way up from Jerusalem we stopped at the Nachal Prat to give them some time to play in the water and get out their energy before we started the tour.

Nahal Prat – An Oasis in the Desert

As you travel east from Jerusalem toward the Dead Sea, you enter the Judean Desert. As you descend, the landscape becomes more and more barren until you reach rolling hills of white limestone with almost no vegetation on them due to the tiny amount of rainfall they get. It is very hard to imagine that just a couple miles to the north of the road is a lush oasis running with fresh spring water all year round!

The Nachal Prat is an awesome place to take kids. The crystal clear spring water collects in many pools along the length of the stream. Many of these pools are shaded by fruit trees like fig and mulberry. You are surrounded by wildlife of all kinds such as lizards, birds, fish and more. In the spring the stream is lined with wildflowers in every color of the rainbow!

I could go on and on but instead I thought I would post a short video clip and a few pictures from yesterday’s visit. If you would like to an Israel tour that includes a visit to the Nachal Prat please contact me so I can help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

view of nahal prat

The view upon arrival!

Playing in nachal prat

Playin in a pool shaded by fig trees

Dragonfly at the Nahal Prat

A friendly dragonfly at the Nachal Prat


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