Rock Hyraxes

Our little Hyraxes are famous!

Ein Gedi’s Hyraxes starring in the NY Times science page!

Last Rosh Chodesh I wroteabout some of the animals which are featured in the Barchi Nafshi prayer from Psalms. One of the animals I mentioned is the Hyrax. I pointed out that one of the best places to see them in abundance in at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.

Today I came across a link to a recent NY Times article all about Ein Gedi’s Hyraxes. I appears that in addition to their other fascinating features, Hyraxes may have a type of syntax in the way they call each other. This is something that was thought to be unique to only a few types of animals like bats, whales and primates.

Who would have ever thought that our humble little Hyraxes would ever be so famous! If you would like to congratulate them in person, come with me on a tour of Ein Gedi and I will be happy to introduce you.

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