The Jewish Quarter is both the oldest and newest part of Jerusalem’s Old City. On my Jewish Quarter Tour you’ll learn about the ancient history of the Jewish Quarter dating all the way back to King Hezekiah in the 10th century BCE! We’ll see the ancient ruins from the 1st and 2nd Temple times, visit the historic synagogues and experience the special atmosphere that exist only in the Jewish Quarter!

What you’ll see:

Mansions of the the Kohanim

Go under the modern buildings of Today’s Jewish Quarter to see the ancient homes of the Kohanim who lived in Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple.

Temple Institute

Get a private tour of the exhibition of the vessels and garments made by the Temple Institute for use in the Third Temple.

Historic Synagogues

Visit the historic Synagogues of Jerusalem’s Jewish quarter including the Churva, Ramban, Tzemach Tzedek and four Sephardic Synagogues. Learn about the pioneers who established Jewish life in Jerusalem throughout the ages.

Hezekiah’s Wall

When the Assyrians were coming to lay siege to King Hezekiah’s Jerusalem, he prepared for the battle by building a monumental wall around much of Today’s Jewish Quarter. We’ll visit a portion of this ancient wall.

View of the Temple Mount

Ascend to a breathtaking lookout point with a view of the Temple Mount, the Kotel, the Mt. of Olives and more.

The Zion Gate

Where Israeli soldiers defended the Jewish Quarter in 1948 and liberated it in 1967.

The Tomb of David

Traditional resting place of King David on “Mt. Zion”.

The Kotel

Stop to say a prayer at the Kotel and put a prayer note in its 2,000 year old stones.


4 hours

Please Note:

The Old City of Jerusalem is built on the slopes of a mountain ridge which means that a typical tour of the Old City requires climbing a lot of steps. If you have physical limitations, please let me know and I will customize the tour to fit your needs.

Other options that can be incorporated into this tour:

  • The Kotel Tunnels
  • The Davidson Center Archeological Garden
  • The Kotel Hakatan
  • Batei Machase Square

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