Guiding Only

My fee is $375 per full day of touring. This means either a walking tour or a tour where you provide transportation.

This also includes creating an itinerary and all other planning for the tour day.

Peak Season Rates – During June, July, August my rate is $400 per day. During Hanukkah and days before and after Chol Hamoed $425. Chol Hamoed is $550 per day.

It does not include driving or vehicle.

Short tours – if you need a short tour (for example a three hour walking tour of the City of David) contact me to get a quote. Generally my minimum fee per tour is $250

On multiple day tours, where we will be sleeping outside the Jerusalem area, the customer is also responsible to pay my lodging and meals

Guiding and Transportation
16 seat luxury van Israel

16 seat luxury van

Guiding, vehicle, driver and fuel for a full day – Up to 16 people for up to 10 hours and 200 km is $775 (non peak season).

Click here to learn more about the drivers and vehicles I work with

Keep in mind that there are many guides who both drive and guide at the same time and charge a similar (or higher) rate. Here  you are getting a dedicated driver besides me as a guide. This means that I can give you my full attention while the driver gives his full attention to the road! Also there are often sites where the driver will be able to drop us off in one area to walk around and tour and then pick us up in a different area rather than having to walk back to the vehicle. This is by far the best way to tour!

The rate may vary based on the size of vehicle you need as well as the distance to be traveled etc. Once I have the details I can give you an exact quote. On multiple day tours you will have to provide for food and lodging for the driver as well.


Consulting such as preparing itineraries, booking hotels etc. for days when I will not be guiding you is billed at $50 per planned day.


A 25%, non-refundable deposit must be paid in order to reserve days. I will send you an invoice with a credit card payment link to pay the deposit. Once the days are booked the deposit cannot be refunded in case of cancellation. (You may change the day up to 14 days before the booked day as long as I have your desired day available.)

Payment of the balance

The balance must be paid at the end of the first day of touring in cash (Shekels, USD or Euro is fine) or Israeli check. Unfortunately I am not able to accept foreign checks at this time.

If this is not possible for you the balance may be paid by credit card 24 hours or more in advance, for an additional 5% fee.

How can I help

Please let me know how I can help make your Israel trip the trip of a lifetime! I'll get back to you to discuss your needs.