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Israel Travel TipsEver wonder if you need to tip a cab in Israel? How about if you need a power converter for your laptop? Or maybe you were wondering about the best way to change your money to Shekels?

Yesterday I put together a new page of Israel travel tips chock full of answers to these questions and more. I hope to add more tips soon.  With these tips you will be armed with the info you need to navigate the Holy Land like a native!

I have seen many people have frustrating experiences in Israel because they weren’t aware of some of the small details about how things work. Here are some of the things I see all the time:

  • Getting on the wrong bus because there are two lines with the same number.
  • Being coerced into giving a big tip to the cab driver when Israelis don’t even tip cab drivers.
  • Standing in a long line at the bank to change money only to find out that the rate there is horrible.
  • Bringing all their money in travelers checks and then not being able to do much of anything with them.
  • Buying an expensive converter to plug in their laptop or cellphone, when a $1 gadget would do the job.
  • Eating at restaurants that they thought were Glatt kosher only to find out they have an invalid Kashrut certificate

I hope that my list of tips will help people avoid some of these frustrating situations which are really so easy to avoid. If I have helped even one person it is worth the effort.

What frustrating situation have you had in Israel that could have been avoided? Do you have an Israel travel tip that you want to share with the world? Please, don’t keep it to yourself. Leave a comment, and I will try to include your tips in the tips page.

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